1 Week Healthy Meal Planner

When it comes to healthy eating, its important to plan ahead and make sure your pantry is stocked with all the ingredients you might need for the rest of the week. I created this 1 week healthy meal planner* to give you a head start. Its not intended for any specific healing diet so it includes eggs, gluten and dairy. Its designed for the busy mom so I tried to keep the menu easy.  

*Shabbos not included.



Corn thins/rice cakes topped with soft or hard boiled eggs and sliced tomatoes

Large salad including garbanzo beans, avocado and feta or cottage cheese Basmati rice with chicken and steamed green beans Green apple

Roasted or raw almonds


Baked sweet potato and Greek yogurt (plain mixed with a flavored type)

Steamed broccoli and cauliflower, quinoa and cottage cheese Salmon patties with grilled peppers and squash

-split pea soup

Homemade applesauce



Banana and almond butter on whole grain bread or corn thins/rice cakes. Sprinkle a little flaxseed meal on top


Sardine or tuna sandwich with romaine lettuce and tomato Bean chili with tortilla chips and mozzarella cheese (cottage) Celery with peanut butter
WEDNESDAY Eggs with chopped spinach and choice of whole grain bread or cracker Baked eggplant or portabella mushroom pizza and baked butternut squash cubes Meatballs or chicken burgers with tomato soup and coleslaw Kiwi or citrus fruit
THURSDAY lightly sweetened plain yogurt with homemade granola Leftover butternut squash cubes and mushroom omelet Dr. Pragers fish sticks with quinoa or rice and cut up fresh veggies

(left over split pea soup)



FRIDAY Healthier cereal with milk/almond milk Hard boiled eggs  veggies  and hummus שבת שבת
SATURDAY שבת שבת שבת שבת

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